New Doctor Who Assistant

Karen GillanWith a new Doctor next year for the 2010 season, we also now have a new companion too.

Little-known actress Karen Gillan has been unveiled as the next assistant in Doctor Who.

The 21-year-old will star alongside new Time Lord Matt Smith in the new series, to be broadcast next year.

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Not too surprising as the current Doctor, David Tennant, no longer has a regular companion.

The 2010 season will in my opinion be the season that makes or breaks Doctor Who. We have a new quite revolutionary Doctor with Matt Smith, a new producer in Steven Moffat and a promise from him that when he runs the place, we won’t see many old characters but will see plenty of “new monsters”. On the plus side, Steven Moffat has written some of the best episodes in the new Doctor Who, but I know for many fans (and importantly parents of those fans) the links with the 1970s/80s series was a key attraction to begin with.

Didn’t we all want the Daleks to come back?

Can the series now stand without the past to support it?

Hopefully more than probably I think.

This just days after it was announced that David Tennant will appear in the Sarah Jane spin off.

David Tennant is to appear as the Time Lord in Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, the BBC has announced.

Tennant, 38, will appear over two episodes of a new 12-part series of the CBBC show, which starts in September.

Russell T Davies, executive producer of The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who, said it would be a “full on appearance” and “not just a cameo”.

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