Tau Orca

At GamesDay 2006 there were a fair few demonstration games.

In one there was this Tau Orca.

Tau Orca from a participation game at GamesDay 2006.
Tau Orca from a participation game at GamesDay 2006.

I am not a fan of this paint job, what do you think? Does it fit in with the Manga style behind the Tau or is it too garish?

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4 thoughts on “Tau Orca”

  1. It is a little strong. Having say a shot with the army with it may make it less so. Also it could be the terrain it is on that makes it pop out so much. BUT it is a very nice crisp and clean paint job. It also may be one of those schemes you have to be around for a little bit before coming accustomed to.

  2. I like the way that looks. It’s not something I would think of to do with my army, but it is well done and obviously had some time and thought put into it.

  3. looks like £300 wasted to be honest, nice model but paint makes it look like something i took out of my cereal box as a free toy, sorry, few darker washes might make it look much nicer though (y)

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