I need a new brush…

As I have been washing and shading some large models recently, such as the buildings I got in Warhammer Imperium and my Deimo-pattern Rhino I have realised that my mop brush is a little too small. I was finding that the wash or shade was getting patchy.

So I think I will go and get a bigger mop brush, not too big as it still has to fit into the pots of shade I have.

I will be using it on my Land Raiders, the Repressor, and the Munitorum Armoured Containers.

Washing the Bommer

The stage after painting the base coats and the details on the boomer I thought the next stage would be relatively much easier, however I was mistaken.

I was using a variety of Citadel shades initially, I left the boomer to dry. I found one of them I was using left a residue on the model. I was lucky that I was able to remove the residue with water and some kitchen towel. I am not sure what caused the problem, maybe one of age of my paints or not mixing it properly.

In the end I am quite pleased with the end result. What I was trying to achieve was a weathered aged look that is the result of a complete disregard to maintenance or care for the bommer. If this was a human Imperial Guard plane, it probably wouldn’t be able to fly, however as this is an Ork aircraft, it flies because of the sheer will of the pilot.

The next stage will be drybrushing, but in my next posting about the bommer I will look at the engine and engine details.