Hekaton Land Fortress revealed

Hekaton Land Fortress

So this beast of a armoured vehicle was revealed at the NOVA Open.

The Hekaton Land Fortress is the Kin’s signature combat vehicle. This chunky Heavy Support tank packs overwhelming firepower onto a rugged frame, and can lug around a hefty 12 models.

I really liked the Sagitaur ATV which was announced in July. Back then I said

We’ve also been told that the Sagitaur isn’t the only vehicle in the Leagues of Votann’s garage. I wonder what else is in that garage?

Well, now we know there was something else in that garage and it is bigger and meaner, the Hekaton Land Fortress.

This is the kind of styling and look that I was hoping we would see with the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler, alas we didn’t.

Now though I would be happy to use these as a Squat, sorry Leagues of Votann, vehicle, I wonder how it compares to human sized models to be used slightly differently. Always difficult to gauge the size of a model from a photograph and no comparative models next to it.

So yes I am interested in the Hekaton Land Fortress as well as the Sagitaur ATV, however I want to see them in the “flesh” before making that purchase.