Epic Imperial Guard Leman Russ

One of my favourite models…

The Epic40K Leman Russ is one of my favourite epic scale models, the level of detail and “realism” is superb. I actually prefer this version to the Forgeworld version which is relatively unique as with virtually every other model my preference is for the Forgeworld versions.

This picture was taken with a Canon EOS 300D on a “normal” setting, and as you can see the aperture was too open and thus you get the blurry effect. If I had closed the aperture to get a sharper depth of field then the shutter speed would probably have been around five or ten seconds which would mean use a tripod. My old Sony Cybershot (old it’s only three years old) can probably take a better photograph.

However the Canon is a six mega-pixel camera (compared to the Sony’s three) means better quality images especially for printing and cropping.