Digital Apocalypse

Digital Apocalypse
Games Workshop have, as it getting to be the norm now, released their most recent publication, Apocalypse as a digital book for the iPad, a snip at £44.99.

The greatest heroes of the age lead battalions of troops and tanks against the foe. Super-heavy war machines dominate the conflict like gods of battle as bombardments rain from the skies. This is war on a whole new level.
Apocalypse is a new way of playing games of Warhammer 40,000. Allowing you to field as many miniatures as you like, in any combination. There really are no limits to what you can do

FIGHTING AN APOCALYPSE BATTLE: The rules for setting up and playing games of Apocalypse; new Apocalypse missions and strategic assets; new rules such as Divine Intervention, and Sons of the Primarch; world ending Unnatural disasters; and advice on how to field all your miniatures in one gigantic collection.
APOCALYPSE FORMATIONS: Details of more than 100 devastating formations that feature the most powerful military assets of the 41st Millennium. With 11 distinct classes of formation, you can take your choice from the C’tan-powered Tesseract Vault to an entire Battle Company of Space Marines!

MINIATURES SHOWCASE: Sumptuous photographs of super-heavy vehicles, gargantuan armies and heroic commanders to inspire your own collection.
WAR ZONE: ARMAGEDDON: Details one of the most monumental campaigns of the 41st Millennium, with unique special rules, formations and missions.
Peppered throughout the book is a host of additional background information to further inspire you.

I really like the idea of digital rules and though some baulk at the price, remember when buying any book you are not paying for the physical costs of printing etc, you are paying for the effort that went into writing the thing. So digital or paper the costs are for the authors, illustrators, photographers (oh and a decent cut for the publisher).

Digital Codex: Eldar

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Eldar

There is also the useful guide on painting your new Eldar.

The deadly skimmers, skilled Aspect Warriors and valiant Guardians of the Eldar craftworlds fight a constant battle for the survival of their very species. In this Army Workshop, the talented Studio army painters demonstrate how to paint a varied selection of Eldar miniatures using the Citadel paint range. Example miniatures featured in this extensive painting guide include the Wraithknight, a Storm Guardian, and the mighty Prince Yriel of Craftworld Iyanden.

Get How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Eldar in the iBookstore.

Codex Eldar

Following the release of the new Eldar miniatures there are now some very nice digital Eldar books for your iPad.

Codex: Eldar is your comprehensive guide to wielding the deadly warhosts of the Craftworld Eldar upon the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. This volume details the craftworlds of the Eldar, and the different types of army they field. The Eldar embody excellence in the arts of war, from their psychic might to their deadly aircraft, and their ranks contain specialists in dealing every kind of death. This digital codex includes lavish full colour artwork, an interactive miniatures gallery, handy quick-links for special rules and weapons, and will always be up to date with the latest FAQs.

Update: Get the new version Codex: Craftworlds Enhanced Edition

Warhammer Civil War

Throughout the Warhammer world, war rages eternal. Yet the most deadly and bitter conflicts are not wars of conquest against exotic foes, but the clash of brother versus brother!

This Warhammer supplement contains inspirational and evocative background about some of the Warhammer world’s most bloody civil wars. In addition, there are full rules for playing your own games pitting two collections of the same army against one another. Included are individual tables for every single race in Warhammer, allowing you to generate unique battles and victory conditions every time you play.

GW have released their Warhammer Civil War as an iBook.

Battle Missions: Death Worlds

Battle Missions: Death Worlds

One of the issue with playing with supplements is the sheer number you sometimes need to carry. The advantage of an iPad version is that you can have a fair few with you, but only need to carry the iPad.

So I think the idea of a digital Battle Missions: Death Worlds is a good one.

The Emperor’s realm encompasses a million worlds, each with its own potential dangers. Yet certain of these planets are so deadly that they are classified as death worlds. From man-eating flora and fauna to deadly poisonous atmospheres and many stranger things besides, on a death world it’s not just the enemy that your warriors have to worry about!

This Warhammer 40,000 supplement contains information on the deadly planets known as death worlds, as well as full rules for playing games with your collections across these unique battlefields. In addition, a comprehensive modeling and painting guide is included, full of easy to follow tricks and tips and suggestions for creating your own death world terrain.

Another advantage is that unlike a physical book you can leave it “open” at the right page, without needing to bend back the covers.

Battle Missions: Death Worlds

Digital Necrons

As well as the Ork digital books I mentioned earlier, Games Workshop have released Codex: Necrons in the iBookstore.

Codex: Necrons

Codex: Necrons is your guide to the armies of the Necrons, former rulers of the galaxy, and the brutal wars of subjugation they wage against the lesser life forms that now infest their realm. This volume details the terrible history and incredibly advanced wargear of the Necrons, and provides full rules for fielding an army of these deathless robotic warriors in the Warhammer 40,000 game. This expanded Codex includes interactive miniatures galleries, lavish colour artwork, and updated rules to match the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Get Codex: Necrons in the iBookstore.

I do realise that some people may baulk at the price of £19.99. I am sure that part of this reaction is down to the fact that people are use to paying 99p for games on the iTunes App Store. I am also sure that in addition that some people confuse the medium with the content. When you buy the Codex: Necrons book for £20 from your local Games Workshop store, the price you pay isn’t just for the paper or the printing, but the time and effort that has gone into the content. Likewise when you buy the digital version, it isn’t the “bits” you are buying, but the  time and effort that has gone into the content. Yes there are (some) costs with printing a Codex, but there are also costs with digital distribution. The key really in my opinion is to remember that you are buying content, not a book or a digital book.

Also Games Workshop are giving you a choice, you can choose not to download the digital version and go out and buy the physical book. Personally I quite like the idea of having a library of gaming materials on my iPad that is quick and easy to access.

As well as the new Codex, you can also buy the painting guide to Necrons.

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Necrons

Army painter Chris Peach has assembled a formidable force of Necrons from the Nihilakh Dynasty. Here he explains how to paint models from the Necron range in their distinctive turquoise and gold colours using the Citadel paint range.

Get How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Necrons in the iBookstore.

New iBooks from Games Workshop

Today Games Workshop released some new digital books in the Apple iBookstore. A couple caught my eye as an Ork player.

Chapter Approved: Ork Bommer

Some Orks become so obsessed by speed that no conventional land-based vehicle can satisfy them. These Speed Freeks, known to other Orks as ‘Flyboyz’, take to the skies aboard crude fighter planes and bombers to rain fire upon their enemies. Here are the official, updated rules for fielding the Ork Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer as Flyers in your Warhammer 40,000 battles.

Get Chapter Approved: Ork Bommer in the iBookstore.

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Evil Sunz Orks

The Orks of the Evil Sunz Clan are identified by their love of fast vehicles and red paint jobs. In this Army Workshop, army painter Duncan Rhodes explains how he collected and painted his force of Evil Sunz Orks and their prized red Dakkajet.

Get How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Evil Sunz Orks in the iBookstore.