They have arrived…

When Gorzag Gitstompa and Nikkit appeared on the Games Workshop webstore back in January I was tempted, and then remembered that these kinds of things sell out so I ordered it.

Gorzag Gitstompa and Nikkit

Dey say it’z da time of givin’ – well it’z da time of takin’ too, and dat’s just what Nikkit does best! Da Ammo Runt goes round makin’ sure dat ‘is boss, Gorzag Gitstompa, has everything he needs to break heads.

Grab these commemorative seasonal miniatures. Gorzag is based on a model that was available for Games Day 1998 that was itself based on the old box art for the classic game Gorkamorka. This glorious update reimagines the model in plastic and brings along a Grot Ammo Runt, Nikkit. These can be added to any Ork army as an Ork Nob and Ammo Runt, adding some individualisation to your collection.

This 8-piece plastic kit makes one Gorzag Gitstompa and one Nikkit. It is supplied with a 32mm Citadel round base and a 25mm Citadel round base.

It said it would take up to 120 days for delivery, so knew it would take some time to arrive and it arrived last week.

You get a nice box, which (probably) contains a single plastic sprue.

Gorzag Gitstompa and Nikkit

I haven’t actually opened it yet, still sealed.

Yes £21 for a model is quite expensive in my thinking, I still remember when I thought £1.95 for a single metal model was extortionate. However I have to remember it is 2021, I am no longer a teenager and the value of this shouldn’t be about how much (or how little) plastic is contained in the box. I was buying a modelling experience, not just a piece of plastic. Well that’s how I justify it to myself these days.

At some point I expect this to appear on the Ork workbench.