Painting the Looted Rhino Turrets

There are Orks who have looted Imperial weaponry. Not only can they use Space Marine weapons they can also borrow the transport.

A Looted Rhino is an Imperial Rhino armoured personnel carrier that has been looted from a previous battlefield by Ork Lootas and is now used as a transport for their WAAAGH!

I wrote about my Ork Looted Rhino and where I was in progressing it and then added the tracks.

When I was constructing the Ork Battlewagon I decided against using the included turret. So I decided to have a go at seeing how it and some smaller turrets looked on my Ork Looted Rhino.

Having given the turrets a white undercoat back when I started the model I then gave them a base coat of Snakebite Leather. 

I suspect the white part of the turret was where I was holding it while painting it. So this is where I was at with them when I looked at finishing the Ork Looted Rhino.

Here is the smaller front turret.

Here is the Heavy Bolter cupola.

For some arcane reason (probably lack of time and motivation) I put the turrets away for a few years…

Getting them out again recently I decided to finish them off. The first challenge was that Snakebite Leather is no longer available. However using a paint compatibility chart, I completed the turrets using Balor Brown.

However it wasn’t an exact match, so I repainted the whole turret using Balor Brown.

I did the same for the smaller turret and the cupola.

For the smaller turret I painted the main weapon with Leadbelcher.

Now I had to work out how to make these newly painted turrets look like the same as the Looted Rhino bodywork even though they were painted years apart. My own guide was not as useful as I hoped as the paints, inks and washes I used back then are no longer available.


Oh I also found a Flamer cupola as well.

However the metal component makes this unbalanced, so would need to be glued in, rather than being removable.

I started my Ork Looted Rhino many years ago, and the process I used is outlined on my workbench feature on the Looted Rhino.