Reflecting on the Ork Looted Rhino

There are Orks who have looted Imperial weaponry. Not only can they use Space Marine weapons they can also borrow the transport.

A Looted Rhino is an Imperial Rhino armoured personnel carrier that has been looted from a previous battlefield by Ork Lootas and is now used as a transport for their WAAAGH!. These machines are “upgraded” with Ork technology and are capable of loading a group of Ork Boyz. While in battle, Looted Rhinos are fast, and are usually outfitted with a gunner. Looted Rhinos have been used as weapons during many past Ork invasions. However, Looted Rhinos are more prone to breakdowns and often possess inferior armoured protection and do less damage than their Imperial counterparts because of the Orks’ lack of maintenance and care for their stolen vehicles.

I started my Ork Looted Rhino many years ago, and the process I used is outlined on my workbench feature on the Looted Rhino.

Though I hadn’t used it as a transport in games, I have used it as scenery in a few games.

I was painting the tracks for my Repressor and Razorback when I realised I had three sets of tracks. It took me a while, before I realised that the tracks were for my Ork Looted Rhino. I actually thought I had affixed them, but obviously I hadn’t.

So, I went through some boxes and I got the Looted Rhino and reflected on progress. Yes the base coat was done and there was quite a bit of weathering.

I still needed to do the iconography, some of the attached baggage. I also needed to do the front hatches. Though I had done most of the interior and was pleased with that.

Looking over the model I realised I still needed to do a fair amount of work to get it done.

Ah well, back it goes on the workbench.

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