Armageddon Pattern Basilisk

An Armageddon Pattern Basilisk from Simon’s collection. This is the interior view with the detail inside.


Side view.


This picture (as seen before) shows it as it moves forward through the ruins of an Imperial city.


This is the Forge World kit, it comes with resin and plastic parts.

See more photographs of  the Armageddon Pattern Basilisk.

Imperial Armoured Basilisk

Here is an Imperial Armoured Basilisk from Simon’s collection.

It is a Forgeworld conversion kit.

I think he has done a really nice paint job on it and has also done a really nice detailed interior.

I much prefer this version to the original plastic kit version, it looks more “authentic” and “real”, well as authentic as a science fiction model can look “real”.

From a gaming perspective, it is quite a mean big beasty with a very long range.

Imperial Guard Armoured Basilisk

This is another Forgeworld Basilisk.

Imperial Guard Armoured Basilisk

As you can see they have added a tank commander. One of the advantages of a six mega-pixel camera is the ability to zoom into a shot to see the detail. Click the above image to see a larger version.

This is a wonderfully detailed and well-painted model and you can see why a lot of people play Imperial Guard.

Imperial Guard Basilisk

This is a model of the Imperial Guard Basilisk Armageddon Pattern, from the collection of my friend Simon.

It is an Imperial Guard Basilisk Armageddon Pattern with extra stowage and a muzzle brake. It has a very detailed and well painted interior.

Simon took a range of photographs of the painting process and I hope to have a workbench feature on this model in the near future.