Tanking in the Last Crusade

Tank from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Though we know it wasn’t real, and though we know that there was no actual historical version of it; I am sure most of us who have thought about recreating the Indiana Jones films on the table have wanted to use that tank.

Yes the tank from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Tank from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

It appears at first glance to be a Mark VIII with a turret, the reality was that it was built specially for the film and was built up from an excavator.

Mechanical effects supervisor George Gibbs said this movie was the most difficult one of his career. He visited a museum to negotiate renting a small French World War I tank, but decided he wanted to make one. The tank was based on the tank Mark VIII, which was thirty-six feet (eleven meters) long, and weighed twenty-five tons. Gibbs built the tank over the framework of a twenty-five ton excavator, and added 6.4 ton tracks, that were driven by two automatic hydraulic pumps, each connected to a Range Rover V8 engine. Gibbs built the tank from steel, rather than aluminum or fiberglass, because it would allow the realistically suspensionless vehicle to endure the rocky surfaces. Unlike its historical counterpart, which had only the two side guns, the tank had a turret gun added as well. It took four months to build, and was transported to Almería on a Short Belfast plane, and then a low loader truck.

Now regular readers of my blog may remember this photo.

The Talisman Archaeologist from Talisman Timescape

The Talisman Archaeologist from Talisman Timescape is very much an Indy lookalike and many years ago I started to formulate a series of rules and background for creating games in an Indiana Jones style universe that was called Tally Ho!

I always wanted to get a World War One era tank to fit into the game and recreate that battle with the tank from the Last Crusade film.

Well now I can get a 28mm tank just like that one from the film. Copplestone Castings have released the K64 Mark IX Beast Super-Heavy Tank and Accessory Pack.

Mark IX Beast

This is an almost perfect replica of that tank from that film.

Really impressed with the look and quality, might get one. As for rules, well I will probably mash up the rules from The Great War with the Old West. Or even just the Great War rules.

Talisman Archaeologist

This is probably one of my all-time favourite miniatures, the Talisman Archaeologist.

Talisman Archaeologist

The model was one of the many Talisman miniatures released in the late 1980s and was from the Talisman Timescape supplement. Obviously a pastiche of Indiana Jones he came with a whip and a pistol and of course a fedora hat! I did have all the Talisman miniatures, but in the end sold virtually all of them on eBay as I knew I was never going to get round to painting them all. However I kept “Indy”.


Considering I painted this in the 1980s I am quite pleased with the paintjob, I like the sheen the leather jacket has and the matt of the trousers. I think I may have been able to do the flesh better, but it appears to work.

I am thinking of using the Old West rules for some 1930s pulp adventures, however I will need to paint some more miniatures, one adventurer won’t be enough.

As for the scenery, I can’t remember who made these Aztec style ruins, they were resin and very easy to paint.