Talisman Archaeologist

This is probably one of my all-time favourite miniatures, the Talisman Archaeologist.

Talisman Archaeologist

The model was one of the many Talisman miniatures released in the late 1980s and was from the Talisman Timescape supplement. Obviously a pastiche of Indiana Jones he came with a whip and a pistol and of course a fedora hat! I did have all the Talisman miniatures, but in the end sold virtually all of them on eBay as I knew I was never going to get round to painting them all. However I kept “Indy”.


Considering I painted this in the 1980s I am quite pleased with the paintjob, I like the sheen the leather jacket has and the matt of the trousers. I think I may have been able to do the flesh better, but it appears to work.

I am thinking of using the Old West rules for some 1930s pulp adventures, however I will need to paint some more miniatures, one adventurer won’t be enough.

As for the scenery, I can’t remember who made these Aztec style ruins, they were resin and very easy to paint.

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