15mm Normandy Village

More photographs of my 15mm Normandy Village for Flames of War.

You can imagine that this would be the view from the gun camera of an RAF ground attack Typhoon attempting to flush out some entrenched Germans. You can see I have used the outbuildings to complement the Flames of War Normandy houses.

Here is an overhead view of the buildings.

As well as Battlefront roads and houses, I also have in there some of the nice 4Ground laser etched wooden buildings.

15mm Normandy Village

I am quite pleased now with how much scenery I have now for 15mm Flames of War games.

As well as Battlefront roads and houses, I also have some nice 4Ground laser etched wooden buildings.

There are also K&M trees that are now quite old, but have stood the test of time, I think they must be nearly twenty tears old!

In addition and not shown in these pictures, mainly as they are not finished, are some Total Battle Miniatures 15mm ruins.

I look though at my grass tiles and think they are a little too bright, they might need some work in the future.

4Ground 15mm Semi Detached Houses

As well as the 4Ground Hotel I blogged about a few days ago,  I also had the semi-detached houses.

Northwest European semi-detached houses, one house rendered green the other is white, these are ideal buildings for any 15mm gaming table.

The back is very similar to the front. Like the 4Ground hotel, the kit comes with very clear and easy to follow instructions.

Like the hotel these went together quite easily, though I had a few issues putting the roof together. I am going to add some details, such as glazing for the windows and posters on the walls. As with the hotel the instructions includes some 15mm scale posters.

15mm 4Ground Hotel

I mentioned in a previous post on my Sarissa Precision Old West Buildings about how much I liked the concept of laser-etched mdf buildings. Though these were the first laser-etched mdf buildings I had made, they weren’t the first ones I had bought. Some time ago I had seen some of the 4Gound 15mm buildings in a display cabinet in Waylands Forge in Birmingham alongside some Flames of War tanks and was impressed, so I purchased a couple of kits. However I hadn’t got round to ever making them up, now isn’t that quite normal for games, buy stuff, put in a cupboard and then do nothing with it… well certainly happens to me, probably too much.

However after making up the Sarissa Precision buildings and finding them very quick and easy to make, I remembered the 4Ground models that I had bought, found them and decided to put them together.

The two kits I bought were a couple of terraced houses and the hotel. The hotel was a lot more complicated to build than the Old West buildings. There were a lot more internal parts and there were even separate window ledges! Despite the added complications and more parts, it was a pretty easy build and didn’t take very long either. The instructions from 4Ground were very clear and easy to follow. The end result is quite pleasing.

I went with the pre-coloured version, so I wouldn’t need to paint it.

It might need a bit of weathering, and it also needs some signage and posters. It’s nice that the instruction sheet does have these, that can be cut out and stuck to the mode.

Overall these are really nice models and very easy to put together. The only thing I have mixed opinions on is that you can place models inside the building on all the different floors. This is obviously very useful from a gaming perspective, however I also think it has a rather negative impact on the look of the model.

Will I get some more? Yes I will. I think I may get some of their Old West buildings and 28mm World War Two buildings for Bolt Action.

Ruined Ground

A week or so ago I mentioned that I bought a couple of wooden buildings from 4Ground. I’ve always liked the look of the 28mm ruins so was pleased to find out today that 4Ground have released some ruined 15mm buildings.

Ruined 4Ground Buildings

Ruined 4Ground Buildings

Ruined 4Ground Buildings

Some are better than others, but they do look good, they do need some rubble though to add realism.

Going to Ground

I’ve been gaming for more years than I care to remember, in that time I have seen major changes in the manufacturing processes that are used to produce the miniatures and models I use to play games with.

I remember, for example, when Games Workshop first ventured into plastic models. I was intrigued by resin models for many years, I remember been very impressed with the resin GZG scenery I purchased twenty odd years ago now. What I have noticed in the last few years is the increase in laser cut MDF models. These have looked very interesting, but did often remind me of the card Superquick models you can get for model railways. I have always liked the Superquick models and have in the past considered using them for 20mm scale Operation Sealion scenarios. Though today however I would probably more likely use the new resin Hornby Skaledale buildings and scenery. However the scenery if only part of the idea, I also need to build and paint the 20mm models to go with it… one day… I also think that kind of scenery would be ideal for a English Civil War, either the 1930s version that a Very British Civil War portrays, or the more moden version I wrote about in Wargames Illustrated once.

Going back to laser cut MDF I was up at Wayland’s Forge in Birmingham and in one of their display cabinets was some of the new 4Ground 15mm laser cut buildings made up along with some Flames of War models. I thought they looked very effective and nearly as good as the ready painted Battlefront buildings. Always willing to try something new I got a couple of buildings. I went for the ready-painted versions as I thought that would save time and the cost difference wasn’t huge.

I got the Northwest European Hotel with coarse stone walls and coaching arch and Northwest European semi-detached houses, one house rendered green the other is white.

Northwest European Hotel with coarse stone walls and coaching arch; a great focal point or objective for any 15mm gaming table.

Northwest European semi-detached houses, one house rendered green the other is white, these are ideal buildings for any 15mm gaming table.

They look quite good and seem that they will be easy to build. If they are then I might get a few more.