Space Wolves Thunderhawk Transporter

Space Wolves Thunderhawk Transporter

Thunderhawk transporter

I really quite like the Thunderhawk Transporter even though I am not a fan of the Gunship variant. I am guessing that the main reason I don’t like the Gunship is that huge gun on top! It just doesn’t look right. Also with all the aerodynamics of a brick, the Gunship doesn’t look like the assault flyer for an elite force as the Space Marines, for me the Valkyrie is more Space Marine Gunship than the Thunderhawk is.

So why does the Transporter work for me, well it’s a transport, so the fact it looking like a flying brick goes in its favour!

This Space Wolves army includes virtually (if not all) the Space Marine models and conversions from Forge World as well as all the plastic and metal models from Citadel.

It was on display at both GamesDay 2006 and GamesDay 2007.

More photographs of this army. Also have a look at our Thunderhawk Transporter galleries.

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