Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8

The Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 was a British two-seat biplane reconnaissance and bomber aircraft of the First World War designed and produced at the Royal Aircraft Factory. This Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 was on display at RAF London.

This was the most widely used reconnaissance aircraft in the Royal Flying Corps and RAF from 1917, serving with about 21 Squadrons. Its stability meant it lacked manoeuvrability when attacked and casualties remained high.

Nick-named the Harry Tate’ after a music-hall comedian, this stable reconnaissance/artillery spotting aircraft entered limited service in late 1916. 

Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8

This flying replica, in No. 9 Squadron colours, was built in New Zealand by The Vintage Aviator Ltd in 2011, using original R..8 rudder, wing and fuselage parts held by the RAF Museum as patterns. 

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