Pitching the Roof

I had mentioned in a previous blog post that I was thinking about painting my Sarissa Precision buildings for the Old West. I took the plunge and painted the flat roof of the store.

I used a Citadel grey to paint the roof to represent that it had been pitched with tar and then faded in the sun. Black paint would have been too dark.

You can see in this image how it looked before I painted the roof.

The downside of this kind of painting I think will be that it will obscure the laser etching of the roof tiles on my other Sarissa Precision building.

One thought on “Pitching the Roof”

  1. For a more textured effect, try laying some plain masking tape across the roof before painting it. Railway modellers have been using this technique for some time. You may need to seal the edges with superglue to stop it curling up.
    Looking good

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