Panzerkrieg Normandy – Warhammer World War Two

There has been some interesting commentary in Wargames Illustrated recently on a new release forthcoming from Warhammer Historical of a set of World War Two rules, Panzerkrieg Normandy.

At Old Glory 2010, the report says…

The table with the most buzz this year was Operation Goodwood 1944 – a demo game being run by the local Derby Wargames Society. The table was impressive in itself, but the fact that it was being used to playtest the forthcoming Warhammer Historical 20mm WWII ruless (Panzerkrieg Normandy – working title) made it really interesting. Author Warwick Kinrade was on hand with a first draft of the rules, and of course, the main question leveled at him from show-goers was – “when will it be available?” a vague “not before Christmas” was given in reply.

Another quote attributed to Wargames Illustrated, but I couldn’t find it myself says:

The Historical Wargamers Group, in association with Wargames Illustrated, held another successful event at Warhammer World on 24 – 25 October, WAB players from around Europe did battle across several campaign settings and attendees were treated to a bonus surprise appearance when Warwick Kinrade of Forgeworld demonstrated the forthcoming Games Workshop World War II game.
Warwick ran through a game in which a British Battlegroup stormed a German held position in Normandy circa 1944 – the British sector in Normandy being the focus for the rulebook. The game is designed for 20mm figures although it will work equally well with 15mm (adjustments will be necessary for 28mm). Interestingly the game seemed to owe little to the well-known Warhammer game system.
The game is still work in progress with a release date of “next year – hopefully early on” planned. The core rulebook will be supported by further supplements, which will include more army lists and (further down the line) more threatres of the war).

To be honest this doesn’t surprise me as in recent years we have seen a huge growth in 28mm World War Two figure ranges. However the fact that they are aiming the rules at 20mm (well probably 15mm) to me shows how successful Flames of War have been and that they want to get into that particular market! Well possibly.

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