Forge World Squiggoth

Though I have had the model for some time, I wanted to surprise my opponent so I have not put any details out about it.

It is a superb casting and well sculptured and in my opinion a much nicer model than the bigger version (can’t spell Gargantuan).

Today I had a chance to use it in a game and yes my opponent was surprised.

You can find out how I painted it here. Here is a picture of work in progress.

There is still some work to do on it, but it is virtually finished.

Epic Imperial Cathedral

One of my favourite pieces of scenery has to be the Epic Cathedral from Forgeworld.

I like the fact it is based on the ruins from the Epic40K boxed set and therefore fits in well not just with the other Forgeworld buildings, but also the ruins. Other bits are from the Imperator Titan which adds to the Imperial feel of the building.

It is a hefty piece of resin and certainly dominates the battlefield.

American Empire – Harry Turtledove

Just finished the third book in the trilogy…

I have just finished reading The Victorious Opposition and I am about to purchase the next in the series, Return Engagement, which has just been published in the USA and available in the UK from Amazon.

You can purchase the UK edition in October (which has a much better cover in my opinion).

I am a bit of a fan of Turtledove, but didn’t enjoy American Empire as much as previous books until I read the final part of the trilogy which was very exciting and riveting. Glad in one way I left it a bit before I read it, as I have not needed to wait for the start of the sequel trilogy.