Furuta Star Trek Models

I recently talked about how I had found some new Star Trek models from a Japanese company called Furuta.

It would appear the boxes I saw were from the second series of models that the company have released and that my first assumption that they contained only the original series USS Enterprise, it now appears that each box contains a random ship – which makes it annoying if you want to collect the entire set!

Star Trek Models

Those of you who have looked over my website will realise that I have quite a large section devoted to Star Trek Full Thrust which covers using GZG’s excellent Full Thrust rules in the Star Trek universe.

I have a large collection of MicroMachines Star Trek ships and sadly these are now no longer available.

I was in Forbidden Planet and have found a potential source of models from a Japanese company called Furuta. Forbidden Planet only seemed to have one model, the USS Enterprise, but it looks like they could be useful as they may be bigger than the MicroMachines models.

Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon Conversion

Wanted to use main weapons on Squiggoths…

Here is a potential conversion of the Forgeworld Epic Ork Gunwagon which has had the main weapon replaced by a Ork Buggy Gunner.

This is a very simple conversion which will look even better once it is painted.

I may add another gunner to the model to make it more “crowded”.