Ork Stompa with Forge World Bitz

At GamesDay 2010 was another chance to see Forge World’s excellent Ork Shanty Town diorama.

This time though Forge World had added a lot of their new models, including an Ork Stompa, one that had used some of the Forge World conversion kits for the Stompa.

On display at GamesDay 2010, Ork Stompa with Forge World variants.
On display at GamesDay 2010, Ork Stompa with Forge World variants

Though I know it will be some time before we see an Ork Gargant from Forge World, it certainly isn’t outside the realms of possibility. Forge World make a BIG model once every two years. Last year, in 2009, ¬†we saw the Reaver Titan, next year 2011 we see the Eldar Phantom Titan. Therefore in 2013 we will see another BIG model. I have to admit my money would be on a Warlord Titan, but an Ork Gargant is certainly one possibility and if we do see the Warlord in 2013 then I think we would see a Gargant in 2015… Can I wait that long? Probably.

So what about the size? Well the process that Forge World use is the same one that companies like Rolls Royce use to make full size resin copies of their aircraft engines, so size isn’t really an issue, selling them certainly is though. Forge World only make models under the assumption that they will sell them. Models that don’t sell find themselves resigned to the mould bin of history.

So would I buy one? If I could afford one, then yes I would. Could I afford one? Probably not.

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