Ork Battlewagon – First Pic

At GamesDay I managed to have a look at the November issue of White Dwarf which had a picture of the forthcoming Ork Battlewagon. I wrote the following back in September.

In the November issue of (the UK) White Dwarf you will be able to see a picture of the finished Ork Battlewagon which is been used as part of the Tale of Four Gamers.

I was going to take a photograph from the pre-production copy at GamesDay but the White Dwarf team were very insistent that I didn’t.
The model comprises (the already seen) tracks with two Trukk style wheels on each side at the front.

It looks nothing like the Forge World model.

The cab is similar to the original wheeled Battlewagon (from what 15 years ago now and used on the FW Gunwagon).

Well some now have that issue and now I can blog a picture of the Battlewagon.

Ork Battlewagon - First Pic

So what do you think?

I do like it and will certainly be getting one (or two) for my Ork army.

Picture source Warseer.

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