Metric Imperium

Had an excellent game with Simon today, in the end it was a draw, but it could have gone either way.  I have taken a fair few pictures and will post a battle report at some point.

However we did have one problem, I couldn’t find my tape measure.
Well I could find a tape measure, but not my usual one. Why was that a problem, well my usual one has inches on it, the one I had found didn’t.
Well rather than abandon the game we played with cm’s!

It was interesting, move 15cm instead of 6″, soon got the hang of that and the ranges (as they are in multiple of 6 usually). Difficulties did arise when we had to measure 5″ or 17″ and then life got a little more difficult, but we both managed the mental arithmetic and got through.

So not the end of the world, and a good game was had.

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