Grey Knights Razorback basecoat

If you have looked at my Grey Knights Landspeeder you will realise that I am attempting to paint a Grey Knights force which goes beyond the listings in the DaemonHunters Codex. What I am trying to do is to create a Grey Knights force (using the Space Marine Codex) and then using a DaemonHunters force as allies.

Having constructed my Razorback and added Grey Knights iconography I gave the model a black undercoat. The next stage was the basecoat and for that I am using the Tausept Ochre Foundation Paint as a basecoat. So why is it brown? I blogged about this back in 2007.


The next stage will be adding more of the basecoat as you can see this side still needs work.


See the full workbench feature on my Grey Knights Razorback.

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