Forge World Postal Delays

It would seem that Apocalypse is causing big problems for Forge World. Everyone (and a few others) are all purchasing big models for use in Apocalypse games, you know Titans, Shadowswords, Medusas, Squiggoths, etc…

As a result Forge World are having a few problems coping with the demand and therefore there are now delays in getting orders out.

With the recent release of WH40K Apocalypse and the forthcoming Christmas period demand for Forge World models is at an all time high. This has unfortunately led to delays in processing of all orders. Demand for certain models (especially those featured in the Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse rulebook) has been extremely high. Please rest assured we are still committed to despatching orders to all our customers as quickly as possible but significant delays may be unavoidable.

Of course guess who just put in a Forge World order!

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