Flames of War Ruins

In the Flames of War Jagdpanther boxed set as well as the Jagdpanther you get a set of ruins. After washing the resin I gave the model a white undercoat.

I started to paint the ruins, wooden floor and red brick for the bricks.

I don’t like how it’s turned out, so I might repaint with a more subtle style. I think it’s the contrast between the red bricks and the unpainted walls.

You can see how I am painting the ruined building on this page.

One thought on “Flames of War Ruins”

  1. I see two issues to me. The first is the red seems to be a bit bright. It looks more like knife gash then a row of bricks. The other is why did the owners paint over the bullet holes? I would paint the craters the same color as the brick and maybe a bit of paint peel where you can see brick under it and see if that helps.

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