Flames of War Morris CS9

This is one of Simon’s Flames of War Morris CS9 armoured cars.

Morris CS9 Armoured Car
Morris CS9 Armoured Car

Morris CS9 Armoured Car – The Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car was a British armoured car used by the British Army in the World War II. The vehicle was based on a Morris Commercial C9 4×2 15-cwt truck chassis. On this chassis a rivetted hull was mounted with an open-topped two-man turret. The armament consisted of either Boys anti-tank rifle and Bren light machine gun or Vickers machine gun.

The photo is a little dark as my Canon camera was playing up and wouldn’t use the settings that I wanted and decided to use the settings it wanted, so the photograph came out dark. I lightened it up slightly, but as a result it still looks like it’s dusk…

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