Fate of a Nation

Fate of a Nation
Really pleased to see that Battlefront are looking at moving into a new era, with the Arab-Israeli conflict for Flames of War.

I always liked the tank models for the Vietnam era, but as I said back in 2011 when Battlefront returned to Vietnam, that:

Quite like the models. Not so sure I will be buying into the era though. Apart from NVA and Vietcong infantry, the US seem to have all the firepower and armour (as they did in Vietnam).

For me the gaming would have not been tank versus tank, more tank versus hidden infantry. With Fate of a Nation, there will be tank versus tank battles, complete with APCs, helicopters and planes.

Will be interesting to see how they support the free supplement, which models they will produce for the era.

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  1. Where did you come across this? I’ve scoured the web and can’t find it anywhere. Sure it’s not a spoof?

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