Dystopian Wars – Prussian Empire Blucher Class Dreadnought

The Dystopian Wars is a miniatures games from Spartan Games.

Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher was a famous Prussian Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshall) who was known for his rather direct military tactics. ‘On it like Blucher‘ is a term synonymous in the Prussian military for taking the fight to the enemy. The designers behind this Dreadnought certainly took this to heart. FOUR powerful Primary turrets rain death on enemy targets and row after row of Tesla Coils rip into enemy vessels.

This is how it looks from the marketing material.

The model itself comes in a quite a large blister pack.

I really do like the concept of and background to the Dystopian Wars and I really must get around to painting the models I have bought.

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