Disappointing Mines, Bombs and Booby Traps

I popped into my local gaming store (an independent) and was disappointed with their limited range of Planetstrike models, they had the landing pad and the bastion, but nowt much else.

I was hoping to get the Mines, Bombs and Booby Traps set.

This box set contains four sets of resin counters, including: three sign posts, six bases of bombs, four booby traps and nine clusters of mines.

Disappointing Mines, Bombs and Booby Traps

Ah well I thought I’ll order it online, it’s only been out for a week.

Then I noticed on the website….

Availability:  No Longer Available


I know the image says ‘while stocks last’ but it’s only been a week and they’ve already sold out!

I am guessing that Blastscape which is also a ‘while stocks last’ product, so I suspect that may go the same way…

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