Dark Angels Armoured Vehicles

One of the delights of viewing the galleries in Warhammer World are all the beautifully painted models on display. One of the reasons I take photographs of the models is to review the painting and modelling in my own time, mainly when I am looking to paint my own models.

This lovely Dark Angels Land Raider was on display, but it looks a little dusty.

Dark Angels Land Raider
Dark Angels Land Raider at Warhammer World

The Land Raider’s heritage predates even the founding of the Imperium of Man, yet it remains the single most destructive weapon in the Adeptus Astartes’ arsenal. Protected by bonded Ceramite and Adamantium armour, the Land Raider is nearly impervious to all save the most destructive weaponry.

The Predator, is the most common main battle tank employed by the Space Marines of the Imperium of Man and the Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines. It is a more heavily armed and armoured version of the Rhino armoured personnel carrier. This Predator has a fair few purity seals attached, as well as Dark Angels iconography and torches.

Dark Angels Predator at Warhammer World
Dark Angels Predator at Warhammer World

Compare it this “plainer” version taken on a previous visit to Warhammer World.

Dark Angels Predator at Warhammer World.
Dark Angels Predator at Warhammer World

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