Undercoating the Civilian 1000Kg Dropside Truck

For Bolt Action I am in the process of painting some partisans to fight Simon’s Italians. I have been looking for some vehicles and  Warlord Games actually make a fair few civilian models for Bolt Action.

Looking through the Bolt Action website I quite liked the look of the Civilian 1000Kg Dropside Truck. The other civilian vehicles in the French range also look quite useful. In the main I will use them as scenery or as objectives. In the end I got the Warlord Games Bolt Action Citroen Civilian 1000kg Dropside Truck.

Citroen Civilian 1000kg Dropside Truck

Having constructed the model I gave the underside a black undercoat and then undercoated the rest of the model with a white spray.

I had undercoated the rear part of the truck separately.

I like how the white undercoat brings out the detail in the model

The next stage will be a base coat.

See the workbench feature on the Citroen Civilian 1000Kg Dropside Truck.

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