Citroen Civilian 1000kg Dropside Truck

For Bolt Action I am in the process of painting some partisans to fight Simon’s Italians. I have been looking for some vehicles, my first choice was the Tamiya 1/48th scale Citroen. Though relatively easy to find online, it is a plastic kit, slightly larger scale-wise for Bolt Action scale models.

What I didn’t realise until recently was that Warlord Games actually make a fair few civilian models for Bolt Action.

Looking through the Bolt Action website I quite liked the look of the Civilian 1000Kg Dropside Truck.

Bolt Action Civilian 1000Kg Dropside Truck

The other civilian vehicles in the French range also look quite useful. In the main I will use them as scenery or as objectives. In the end I did get the Warlord Games Bolt Action Citroen Civilian 1000kg Dropside Truck.

The model comes in a blister pack and comprises a clean resin casting and some metal components.

Citroen Civilian 1000kg Dropside Truck

As with many models I like to see what the original vehicle looked like and also what others have done with their models. The original Citroen truck was derived from a car.

Citroen B15

Citroen B15

Citroen B15

Citroen B15

Citroen B15

I have always found painting civiliian vehicles slightly troublesome, military vehicles are usually very drab, matt and weathered. Civillian trucks however are “colourful”.

I glued the axels to the underneath of the model.

I then glued the wheels to the axels, it was challenging to get them to be even.

I then stuck the headlamps and front bumper.

Having constructed the model I gave the underside a black undercoat and then undercoated the rest of the model with a white spray.

I had undercoated the rear part of the truck separately.

The next stage will be a base coat. I gave the rear of the truck (which was separate) a basecoat of Vallejo 70912 Tan Yellow.

I then gave the rear of the truck a wash of Seraphim Sepia Shade which was a little too light, so I then gave a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

I also gave the chassis, the tyres and wheels a base coat of Vallejo 70.862 Black Grey.

After much thought, I decided to take the risk and paint the bodywork of the truck red.

I used Citadel Mephiston Red as the base colour and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

It still needs a wash and weathering, but the colour works for me.

I then took some Abaddon Black to paint the windows and chassis.

I also decided in the end to paint the running boards red.

Took some photographs of the truck in my lightbox.