Constructing another Plastic Deimos Pattern Rhino

The Rhino is the most widely used armoured personnel carrier in the Imperium. Based on ancient STC technology, the fundamental design is robust, reliable, and easy to maintain, with an adaptive power plant that can run off a wide variety of fuels, making it perfect for the wide-ranging armies of the Great Crusade – and the wars of the Horus Heresy. 

I was pleased to see one of the new Horus Heresy releases announced at Warhammer Fest was the Plastic Deimos Pattern Rhino. So when it was available for pre-order I clicked through and ordered the kit from my local FLGS. You can see the workbench for that Rhino here. I was lucky enough to get a second Rhino for a Christmas present.

The model has many more parts and is a more detailed kit than the original plastic Rhino kit that came out in the 1980s. It does go together quite easily, though I found some parts challenging, especially the hull roof.

In the end I got some G clamps out to hold the hull roof in place and glued it into place with superglue rather than plastic cement. I think part of the reason was that I had run out of Humbrol Liquid Poly, but my local model shop had run out and the replacement I got was new to me and I am still getting use to it.

As with my other Rhino I left off the tracks and will paint them separately, before affixing them to the model. It can be challenging to get the track ends under the track guards, but with this deimos-pattern model it is easier than the previous Rhino model.

I did think about adding a gunner cupola to the model, but in the end went with a simple version of the Rhino and armed with a single bolter.

Another view.

I did think about adding the prow to the model, but in the end I went with towing hooks as with my other model. The main reason was not so much the look, but more about the challenge in painting it, I am sure I would miss bits.

I do like this model. I am thinking about getting another one to convert it into a Looted Ork Rhino.

See the full workbench feature on the second Deimos-pattern Rhino.



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