GamesDay 2010 Thoughts


So the big news tomorrow at the UK GamesDay will be Warhammer Forge.

Warhammer Forge unveil a veritable horde of work-in-progress resin kits as well as early layout copies of the first in a series of lavish expansion books for the very first time at Games Day UK. You’ll be able to see the staggering range of resin models that have been created over the past year.

In the way that Forge World have transformed how many people play Warhammer 40K, I suspect Games Workshop hopes that Warhammer Forge will do the same.

In the past there have been some Forge World models for Warhammer Fantasy, some scenery and big creatures, however as Forge World move into resin figures, I suspect that this will also happen with Warhammer Forge. This will become the outlet for all those races and creatures we read about, but would never be part of a huge GW release.

I would suspect that at some point we will see a Kislev book and possibly even Cathay.

Another thing we will see for the first time tomorrow is the Grot Mega Tank and Necron Tomb Stalker.

I really like the Grot Mega Tank and hopefully I will be able to pick one up.


Also we will see the Dark Eldar, wonder if any of them will be for sale?

Ork Runt Bot and Grot – GamesDay 2010

One model that I hope to be able to buy at GamesDay 2010 is the Forge World 2010 Show Only model, an Ork Runt Bot and Grot.


This fantastic figure, designed by Mark Bedford, is our exclusive Event-Only figure for 2010. Meks are always keen to test their bionik designs on the battlefield, and if no suitable ‘patients’ are available they will build a Runt Bot; a huge, clanking parody of an Ork warrior powered by a rumbling engine and directed into battle by a plucky Grot, who will be provided with a ‘kontrol pad’ for the mechanical warrior. This finely detailed and striking vignette depicts the Grot controller perched precariously on the shoulder of the Runt Bot, wrestling with the joystick in an effort to direct the shearing claws of the monstrosity. This great miniature can be used to represent a Warboss with the Bionic Body upgrade, a Nob in Mega-Armour, or simply as a centrepiece or painting project.

Having seen painted versions I do quite like it and think it would make a nice character piece or even as a robot itself. Time to write some rules.

GamesDay 2010

I am off to GamesDay 2010 at the NEC in Birmingham this Sunday. I am hoping as usual to take lots of photographs of new models, games and scenery.

I am expecting to see some new stuff on the Forge World stand and if I can, I am hoping to get into the seminar, but with so few tickets available then I expect I may be disappointed. I am hoping also that we will see the new Dark Eldar miniatures.

As I have done over the last few years I am also hoping to live blog images to this blog over the course of the day, so keep checking back to see the images live from the event.

As last year I am politely requesting that you link to the blog rather than the images or borrowing or embedding the images. Thank you.