Basecoating the Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis

I have had the Manufactorum Imperialis box on my wishlist for a while now. So was pleased to receive the box recently as a present.

The Manufactorum Imperialis box allows you build terrain and scenery for your Adeptus Titanicus battle. I used one large and one small sprue in the first instance to construct the models.

I gave the models a white undercoat using a Citadel Corax White spray.

For the crane I sprayed the bottom half with a Citadel Leadbelcher spray, for the actual crane I used Citadel Zandri Dust.

I used Citadel Zandri Dust on the containers and some of the silos.

For the other silos and the conduits I used Citadel Leadbelcher spray.

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