Variant Ork Army Lists

As most people who play Epic Armageddon are aware, once an army list is finalised nothing can be added to it, so when new models, such as the new Forgeworld Bommers, are released they can not be used in the current army lists…

One thing Jervis mentioned in the latest White Dwarf got me thinking, especially with the release of the Ork Bommers from Forgeworld.

As most people who play Epic Armageddon are aware, once an army list is finalised nothing can be added to it, so when new models, such as the Bommers, are released they can not be used in the current army lists. Either you use the “counts as” rule or create your own rules.

In the White Dwarf article, Jervis talks about having quite a few army lists (aka Hordes of the Things or DBM).

It occurred to me that you could have quite a few variant Ork lists, potentially at least twenty different lists!

Therefore I am working on a Ork Airfield Defence Force which will include the new Forgeworld Ork Bommers.

Big Gunz – Zapp Gun

I do like the Big Gunz models that have been produced for the Orks, I don’t like the lists that all the Big Gunz have to be the same (though tactically I know that is better). I already have a Kannon so was pleasantly surprised when my mother in law for my birthday gave me a Zapp Gun.

It was easy to put together, though no instructions where to put the extra bitz, so they could be in the right place, more likely they are in the wrong place…

Big Gunz - Zapp Gun

It comes with two krew, but in reality you need more than two as they die very easily at which point the gun becomes useless.

I have already three extra krew which I got sometime ago, but never finished painting.

Big Gunz - Zapp Gun Grew

Two are gun krew whilst the model on the left is from the Skorcha model.

They are undercoated white, painted Goblin Green so far and equipment has been painted black ready for a drybrush of Boltgun Metal.

Pictures of new Deffkoptaz

Each Kopta has been converted sightly, though the pilot of each one has been heavily converted…

As you may have read in a previous entry you will realise that I have built and converted two new Deth Koptas.

This model has two four blade rotars, a couple of epic scale Pulsa Rokkits added as bombs, I also added some cables and a few other bitz.

Ork Deffkoptaz

This model is similar, but uses the three blade rotars.

Ork Deffkoptaz

The crew have been more heavily converted using the plastic components from the Ork Boyz sprue. One difference when making the crew was to glue in the joystick first, in my first Deth Kopta I waited until the model was finished which was a real headache to glue into position.

Ork Deffkoptaz Pilot

Ork Deffkoptaz Pilot

I have glued them onto Warmaster bases to make painting them easier.

Giant Squiggoth

As you may have read in the recent Forgeworld newsletter, they will be releasing an epic version of their Giant Squiggoth.

It is a wonderful sculpt and I have always liked the 40K version, but never had the £200 it cost.

It is perfect for my Feral Ork Army and I can’t wait until they come out.

It’s fantastic and hats off to Daniel Cockersell for a fantastic miniature.

Ork Trukk – step by step painting guide on its way, first the models themselves…

On my workbench I already have some information on how I painted my Ork Trukk.

However as of now there are only photographs of the painted model available. This was in the main as I painted the model before I started the workbench feature on the website.

I recently managed to acquire a new Trukk model therefore will be updating the page to show a step by step guide.

Generally I try and build as much of the model as possible to avoid having to glue painted parts together… with this model the only bitz left off are the crew, the weapons and the front armour plate.

I have also added (though not seen) a spanner and a shotgun to the model.

The crew are painted separately as I would find it too difficult to paint them in situ.

You can tell the age of the Trukk model, as these are Gorkamorka era models and bear little resemblance to the newer Ork models.

I believe that when Orks Codex is re-done there will be a new plastic Ork vehicle, potentially a new Trukk or probably a Battlewagon.

Epic Junkatrukks

I have made some progress with my Feral Ork Junkatrukks.

They have been undercoated.

Epic Ork Junkatrukks

I much prefer using a white undercoat when painting models in reds, yellows or orange. If I am going for a dark look then I will use a black undercoat.

Epic Ork Junkatrukks

I have also added the metal areas, by given them a base coat of black.

Epic Ork Junkatrukks

This will be drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal, I will then touch up the white areas before painting the bodywork in reds, yellows and orange colours.