How do you make your Death Korps of Krieg look realistic…

Well you dress someone up and then take some photographs…

The Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg infantry models are really excellent, well sculptured and beautifully designed.

How do you make your Death Korps of Krieg look realistic in the first place. Well it would seem that Forgeworld took one of their staff and dressed him up in some kit, a gas mask and gave him a old rifle.

Not a bad way of doing it, these are just some of the many photographs that were taken to give the poses a realistic look and feel.

Just shows how much work goes into these models.

Foundation Paints

Yesterday Games Workshop released their new Foundation paints, a range of pigment heavy paints which reputedly are better at covering black undercoats then their usual paints.

Initially they are releasing the eighteen paint range as a boxed set, with individual paints been available later.

I did manage to get a box yesterday, the Games Workshop in Cribbs Causeway had something like sixty boxes, but most of them were reserved. I bought one of the few remaining boxes that weren’t reserved.

I have not used them yet, but the jars are smaller than the standard citadel colour jars.

It will be interesting to try them out.