Adeptus Titanicus Imperial Knights

I hadn’t actually planned this purchase of some Imperial Knights for Adeptus Titanicus. As part of a prize draw I had to top up my purchases to get past £50, so rather than buy more paint, I looked to see what models I could buy.

I have had the Adeptus Titanicus rules for a while now but I’ve not actually got any models to have a game with! I have been meaning to get some Titans, but apart from really wanting to wait for the Ork Gargants (which I guess will never appear) it was more of a yearning to get some. I knew how much I had to paint of other stuff, so purchasing more models to sit on the shelf for a years wasn’t in my mind a good plan. However having bought, built and painted a fair few Aeronautica Imperialis planes rather more quickly than I would normally take I have been thinking about getting some tiny Titans.

So when browsing what to get, I thought, why not get some tiny Titans, well the big titans for Adeptus Titanicus aren’t exactly cheap, so I decided that I would go for a box of knights. This box was just £17 (after discount) so I thought, yes, that takes me over £50 and I get some tiny knights as well.

Acting as scouts for the Titans of the Adeptus Titanicus, Imperial Knights support their titan legions with speed and agility granted to them by their small stature.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 3 Imperial Knights for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus. Each of these machines is armed with a reaper chainsword, with a thermal cannon, rapid fire battlecannon, avenger gatling cannon and 3 heavy stubbers available (1 of which can be optionally replaced with a meltagun.) These are highly detailed miniatures which, though at the scale used to play Adeptus Titanicus, are as impressive to behold as their larger brethren – thick armour plating, a curved carapace, exposed hydraulics and visible engine blocks/exhausts are hallmarks of the kit, with each also featuring its own tilting plate.

Within the box is a single sprue with the parts for the three Imperial Knights.

You also get three 40mm bases, transfers and instructions.

What I didn’t realise was that this particular boxed set is now out of print. You can still get the knights, but they come now with a sprue of extra weapons.

I am quite looking forward to building and painting these models.

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