Saw this in a bookshop recently and am considering buying it.


Weaver is a novel around World War Two in which the Germans successfully invade England.

The Weaver of Time’s Tapestry has finally succeeded in twisting the threads of history into a new shape; the Luftwaffe have pushed the RAF to the brink, and the invasion barges have reached the beaches of Sussex and Kent. Britain wakes up to the nightmare of the Wermacht unleashed in Southern England. As the desperate battle to hold up the invasion rages it is left to a few individuals caught up in the panic and chaos to piece together what has really happened – is this the culmination of a plan that has taken centuries to play out, a plot from the future to change the past forever? Stephen Baxter’s historical thriller series crashes into the 20th century with a terrifying vision of mechanised war and political atrocity unleashed on English soil. This is the climax of one of the most thoughtful and involving series of novels that have brought history alive like no other.

My only reservation was that this is the fourth book in a series of books, the first of which deal with Romans and William the Conqueror.

Do I need to read the first three books to make sense of the fourth, or can I enjoy the fourth without needing to buy and read the first three books?

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