The Hobbit gets going…

After months of delays due to funding problems, filming on The Hobbit is now set to begin in February 2011.

Warner Bros also announced that Peter Jackson, who directed the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, would helm the two-part prequel.

The films, based on JRR Tolkien’s book, had been delayed for months due to MGM Studios’ – which owns half the project – ongoing financial woes.

No release dates for the movies have been given.

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Considering how successful the Lord of the Rings was, it is no surprise that The Hobbit is going to be made, what was surprising was the delay… however I suspect that was though MGM Studios were having financial problems they didn’t want to lose the cash cow that The Hobbit would be for them, no way would they pass it onto someone else…

Looking forward to it, but suspect it will be 2012 or 2013 before we see it on the big screen.

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