Adepta Sororitas

The Adepta Sororitas, also known as the Sisters of Battle, are an all-female division of the Imperial Cult’s ecclesiastical Adepta known as the Ecclesiarchy or, more formally, as the Adeptus Ministorum. They are the armed forces of the Ecclesiarchy, and are dedicated to the defense of the Imperium of Man against its enemies, both physical and spiritual.

The Sisters of Battle are a powerful force, and are well-equipped and well-trained. They are armed with a variety of weapons, including bolters, flamers, and meltaguns. They are also skilled in close combat, and are often equipped with power swords, power axes, and other melee weapons.

The Sisters of Battle are also highly disciplined and motivated. They are driven by their faith in the Emperor of Mankind, and are willing to sacrifice their lives for his cause. They are a fearsome sight on the battlefield, and their enemies often break and flee before them.

The Sisters of Battle are a vital part of the Imperium’s defense. They are a powerful force, and their faith and dedication make them a formidable enemy. They are a symbol of the Imperium’s might, and their presence on the battlefield is a sign that the Emperor’s will will be done.

From the Witch Hunters Gallery

Adepta Sororitas