Warhammer buildings will be released (in the UK) on the 26th May

The Warhammer buildings which I mentioned in a previous posting will be released (in the UK) on the 26th of May as a whole box set costing £75.

The first release for the new Warhammer Scenery, this set gives you a fantastic amount of scenery ot use in your games of Warhammer. This set contains the following items: 1 Fortified Manor, 1 Watchtower, 1 Chapel and 3 sets of Walls and fences. Not only does this save you £27 off buying the items individually, you also get the Watchtower and Chapel over a month before those items are released by themselves!!!

I do like these buildings and I am very tempted.

Warhammer Fantasy Plastic Buildings

These are the upcoming new Warhammer Fantasy Buildings which Games Workshop will be releasing at some point in the future. There seem to be three buildings and there will also be a release of other terrain such as hills, fences and graveyards.

This is a boxed set looking like it contains both buildings, lots of other scenery and even the hills.

These are the other two buildings, which will be available as separate boxed sets.

I do quite like these, they don’t really fit in with my Steve Barber models, but they are nice.