Painting Gunfighters

I have done some more work on my Old West gunfighters.

Old West gunfighters

I am keeping the paint jobs relatively simple, so I can do them “quickly”, though “quickly” for me often means rather slowly…

The method is to paint the basecoats of the different aspcts of clothing, shoes, hats, guns and flesh. The models are then finished with a wash (or shade) to add shadow, tone down the basecoats and blend the colours where required.

The models were mounted on two pence pieces as bases, they have some Green Stuff added to the bases to add texture. Pieces of slate were added to some of the models.

Once the model is finished, the base is painted with Citadel Texture: Armageddon Dust. After it is drybrushed with Citadel Ushbati Bone. Finally some Citadel Mordheim Turf is added.

One of my finished models is Emmet Gates.

Emmet Gates

You can see the full workbench feature on Emmet Gates on my main website.

Basing the Old West

I mentioned before that I wasn’t initially happy with my basing of my Old West miniatures so have been adding green stuff to the coins I was using for bases.

This should mean that when I come to paint the bases with textured paint it should mean the bases don’t look so coin-like.