Dad’s Army

Dad’s Army¬†defending Lyddle End from the invading German forces, circa 1940…

Many years ago I bought a bundle of Dad’s Army and German forces in 15mm for playing Operation Sealion games. I painted some, but most have spent a lot of time unprimed and unpainted.

Having recently read a few books recently which have rekindled my interest in Operation Sealion. These have included Collaborator by Murray Davies which is set in a nazi occupied Britain and tells the story of a British soldier working for the occupying forces as a translator who then gets involved in the resistance…

Real history books which have also inspired included Berlin The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor, the author of Stalingrad. and The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands Under German Rule, 1940-1945.

The Leader by Guy Walters though not an Operation Sealion alternative history, also provided inspiration.

This picture shows one of my Dad’s Army vehicles which I have repainted, It is set with some N Gauge scenery from the Lyddle End Hornby range.

Home Guard Standard Beaverette
Home Guard Standard Beaverette

The N Gauge models are out of scale, 1/148th compared to the 1/100th scale of 15mm World War Two. I also want to use the buildings with Warmaster figures as well.

The Leader by Guy Walters

I always liked the film version of Richard III set in an alternative 1930s England. So when I saw this book I was intrigued by the storyline which is set in an alternate 1937.

The Leader by Guy Walters has Edward VIII deciding not to abdicate which results in a constitutional crisis and after much political machinations, Oswald Mosley manages to grasp power and once there he institutes a wide range of despicable policies from internment of the Jewish population to the formation of a Gestapo-like HMSSP (His Majesties State Secret Police). Soon Britain moves from a democracy to a fascist dictatorship.

Stopping him is a Great War hero who has to avoid capture and meanwhile plan a coup to bring back democracy.

Also within all this is a plot by the USSR to put in a puppet Communist government.

It’s not a bad story, but there is a lack off characterisation, some characters just appear and the die. Some historical flaws also make the whole thing lacking.

It’s not a bad read and if you like alternate history then you may enjoy this.