The Leader by Guy Walters

I always liked the film version of Richard III set in an alternative 1930s England. So when I saw this book I was intrigued by the storyline which is set in an alternate 1937.

The Leader by Guy Walters has Edward VIII deciding not to abdicate which results in a constitutional crisis and after much political machinations, Oswald Mosley manages to grasp power and once there he institutes a wide range of despicable policies from internment of the Jewish population to the formation of a Gestapo-like HMSSP (His Majesties State Secret Police). Soon Britain moves from a democracy to a fascist dictatorship.

Stopping him is a Great War hero who has to avoid capture and meanwhile plan a coup to bring back democracy.

Also within all this is a plot by the USSR to put in a puppet Communist government.

It’s not a bad story, but there is a lack off characterisation, some characters just appear and the die. Some historical flaws also make the whole thing lacking.

It’s not a bad read and if you like alternate history then you may enjoy this.