The superhero is back…

Back in the 1980s one of the big RPG games from GW was Golden Heroes. This was followed by various syndicated RGS with characters from Marvel and DC Comics.

The one similarity behind all of these was the superhero wore a suit or had a cape! Too often wearing underpants and tights; oh very camp.

Today as well as the costumed heroes we also have other heroes, those that are found in the film Push and the acclaimed series Heroes. These superheroes are not the ones in costumes, these aren’t even heroes, some don’t even realise they have superpowers. I have enjoyed watching Heroes and have also managed to catch Push as well.


Now I am not sure if there are any serious gaming possibilities with what you could call not-superheroes. Yes you could create a really entertaining RPG scenario, but not sure if there is room for miniatures gaming. Now I could be wrong (and I have been wrong before) so if you have thoughts please post them in the comments.

Update: Get Heroes on Amazon Video.