Melting Scenery Tiles

When Citadel released their first incarnation of Roughcoat it was mentioned in the literature that it was water-based so wouldn’t melt expanded polystyrene.

That first incarnation sold well and I never managed to get a can, then I heard from one GW store that it had been withdrawn as the nozzle would clog after using it just once and they had had quite a few complaints.

When it was re-released I got a can, but just assumed it was still water-based…

It’s not!

After spraying my scenery tiles, I noticed the other day that they had melted…

Luckily it wasn’t too bad and might actually add to the effect I am trying with the scenery, I will take some photographs later.

Scenery Tiles Update

My scenery tiles which had been languishing in my garage since May 2005 have had quite a bit done to them over the last week or so.

Having stuck some small stones and cork onto the boards last May, I stuck down some ripped up textured wallpaper. I then used a polyfilla white glue (PVA) mix to seal down the edges.

After this was dry, I used a watered down PVA mix and liberally scattered GW sand (the one with the small stones in) over the surface. This was then left to dry.

I then decided to “enhance” the boards with a spray of GW Roughcoat, which to be honest was a bit of a disappointment. The texture is really too fine for desert scenery, but worse the spray can I had was a bit dodgy and sometimes wouldn’t spray or would spray back at me!

The next stage is to spray the boards with some different colours, brown and rusty red.

Scenery Tiles

What really got me motivated to start these tiles was a new product from GW, RoughCoat, which can be used to add a roughened coating to expanded polystyrene, which should a) protect the tiles b) work well on the AT buildings I now have for the cityfight terrain.

Well getting hold of a can of RoughCoat is proving a bit of a nightmare, more popular than GW Marketing thought so virtually every GW store is out of stock.

Looked at the boards and added some more black duct tape as the thinner edges were lifting.

On the desert terrain I glued some cork and rocks down.

Scenery Tiles

Having had the polystyrene sheets for some time hanging around in the garage.

Scenery Tiles

I have decided to take the time to build the scenery I always meant to.

I have eight of these sheets (four to a pack) the first four were covered in a GW grass mat and pictures can be seen on the battle reports on the website.

With the remaining four, two will be a desert terrain usable with both Epic and 28mm and the other will be an Epic half-destroyed Imperial City.

The first thing I did was seal the sides using gaffer tape (sometimes known as duct tape).

Scenery Tiles

Each sheet got two strips of black tape, this has two jobs, one to protect the scenery from everyday knocks and two to have the *gap* between the sheets to be black and not glaring white.

The next stage is to put on the basic scenery, ruins, rocks etc…