Scenery Tiles Update

My scenery tiles which had been languishing in my garage since May 2005 have had quite a bit done to them over the last week or so.

Having stuck some small stones and cork onto the boards last May, I stuck down some ripped up textured wallpaper. I then used a polyfilla white glue (PVA) mix to seal down the edges.

After this was dry, I used a watered down PVA mix and liberally scattered GW sand (the one with the small stones in) over the surface. This was then left to dry.

I then decided to “enhance” the boards with a spray of GW Roughcoat, which to be honest was a bit of a disappointment. The texture is really too fine for desert scenery, but worse the spray can I had was a bit dodgy and sometimes wouldn’t spray or would spray back at me!

The next stage is to spray the boards with some different colours, brown and rusty red.

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