Pitching the Roof

I had mentioned in a previous blog post that I was thinking about painting my Sarissa Precision buildings for the Old West. I took the plunge and painted the flat roof of the store.

I used a Citadel grey to paint the roof to represent that it had been pitched with tar and then faded in the sun. Black paint would have been too dark.

You can see in this image how it looked before I painted the roof.

The downside of this kind of painting I think will be that it will obscure the laser etching of the roof tiles on my other Sarissa Precision building.

Painting the Roof

Though I have used my Sarissa Precision Old West 25mm Buildings in game of Legends of the Old West, I think they could do with some extra work to add more detail. I would certainly like to add some weathering, but I would also like the paint the roof tiles on the shack.

What I am not sure about is how to paint the tiles and not paint out the etching that defines the tiles. What sort of process and paints should I be using? Should I use inks or a wash? Will thinned paint cover the etching? Should I paint each tile individually?

What process are you using to paint your laser etched buildings?

Old West Buildings

I have really liked the idea of the laser-etched mdf buildings I have seen online for a while now, so was really pleased when Simon got me a couple of the Sarissa Precision Old West 25mm Buildings for my birthday.

Old West Buildings

I got the shack and a small building.

Old West Buildings

They went together really easily. I added a shop sign to the small building.

Old West Buildings

Here is a PDF of the store sign (and some others) which you are free to download and print for your own Old West buildings.

Old West Buildings

I hope to get some more to build a complete Old West town.