Forge World Retro Land Speeder

One of the models I did like at Warhammer World was the Forge World Retro Land Speeder.

Forge World Retro Land Speeder
Forge World Retro Land Speeder

This is of course based on the classic metal Rogue Trader era Land Speeder model (which was metal, whilst this one is resin). I did have that metal model which came in a boxed set with a Mole Mortar and a Tarantula. My memory of that model was that it was a real pain to put together, I think though as I was using an epoxy glue, that took ages to dry and didn’t really stick. Whereas today I would probably use superglue!


Legion Glaive

I do like these retro models. Very nostalgic reminds of those early days of Warhammer 40K, which shows how old I am, because I do remember those days. I bought Rogue Trader when it came out.

The Glaive Super-heavy Special Weapons Tank

The Glaive Super-heavy Special Weapons Tank is a variant of the Fellblade. Armed with a Volkite Carronade, it is designed to destroy xenos beasts and incinerate enemy light vehicles at a single sweep.

While the Glaive has been issued to all eighteen Legiones Astartes in limited quantities, the Salamanders and Dark Angels have long been noted to field Glaives as a matter of course; the XVIIIth Legion’s artifice is more than sufficient to maintain and replicate the arcane Volkite technology, while the provenance and honour of the Ist Legion means that their war matériel and weaponry are ancient indeed.